Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Serger diaper tutorial

I have had requests for this tutorial so here it is again ;)
Disclaimer: I'm not a pro at diaper making's all been trial and error here.  I just examined a couple of my favorite dipes and based this off that. LOTS OF PICS...sorry
This is a snap in or lay in soaker so I just cut my inner and outer fabrics (you could make a pocket diaper this way too, just using a split inner fabric for opening):
Pin wrong side to wrong side:
Then I mark 1 inch in from my elastic points and contect them from elastic start to stop (keeping 1in from edge).  This will be your elastic casing.
Sew along those lines through both layers
Tack down your elastic at one point.  Be sure the elastic is as close to the casing (and as far from the edge) as possible.  Tack in between both layers.
Stretch the elastic and tack it down at end point.  Repeat for all three elastic parts.  It'll look like this:
 Now for serger....I usually start in the middle of one of the leg elastics...just b/c the bunching of the elastic will hide the start and stop point a bit.
Pull the wings to make them straight with the cutter on the serger when you get there.
When you get back to the point you started at serger over the start point a bit then (here's the tricky part...) with the needles IN the fabric, pick up the foot.  Move the fabric that is due to move under the needles to the left making a 90 degree with the needles.  Lower the foot and serger. This will make you serger off the fabric.  Keep going to create a little tail of thread to tie. (you can see my thread tail in the pic below to the right)
Take your tweasers and separate the needle thread from the looper thread.  My looper thread was black and my needle thread was white.
Tie the two (looper thread and needle thread) together and trim thread
Mine aren't as ruffly around the edges b/c I use the casing method on the elastic.  I don't like sewing directly on the elastic.  Instead of sewing the casings and tacking, you could just zig zag stitch all the way through the elastic from start to stop points leaving room for sergering and stretching the elastic as you go.
Then just make your soaker for snap in or lay in :) you can add snaps or velcro closure or just snappi

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