Saturday, December 3, 2011

We are experiencing technical difficulties...

So I tried switching my domain provider...what a headache!!!!!  Namesecure was getting too expensive and little did I know they would make it difficult for me to transfer my domain name to another company.  (yeah, I'm throwing their name out there b/c they made me mad!)  Long story short, my domain ended up expiring and they sold it to someone else!  So, if you tried to check in within the past month, you may have seen some pretty weird stuff.  Well, it was MY domain and I got it back.  It's taking a little bit longer than usual for my domain to be forwarded to blogger...I am hoping any day now.  What a headache!! (did I already say that?!)  

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoying some Christmas cheer this month.  My favorite holiday!!  The movers finally delivered our household goods and I have my sewing machine back!!! YAY!!!  Lots to do to catch up for Christmas ;)  And for those of you asking for the BITE ME Dino pattern for your Christmas sewing gift list, my store IS back up and running now.  HERE  The Dexterous Dino sewing pattern is about to enter it's final reviewing stages and testing and will be available soon. Thank you again for all of your patience.  This move and pregnancy have taken alot out of me! :)

Here's a little something from Korea...
Me and the Booger Bear man ;)
Happy sewing!

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