Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Checking in :)

I know I promised to update with all that is going on right now.  I have been so very busy!  We are moving...many times lol.  As you know, my husband is military and our time has come up to move from our home in Tennessee.  We have been bouncing from state to state over the past 3-4 months with my husbands training.  Internet and time to sit and type out a blog have been scarce.

The big news.... we are moving to KOREA! Yes, it will be a big change for us (lol)...and for Booger Bear Creations.  I assure you that all of my products will continue to comply with CPSIA in the USA.  I have made arrangements in the US for faster and cheaper shipping so you will not have to wait for items from Korea or pay the hefty shipping.  Also, new to Booger Bear Creations, will be the addition of the Dexterous Dino pattern that has been in the works for the past few months!!  I am excited to introduce this to you guys as I know there have been many requests for it.

Please be patient with me... I know I have said that I will be offering many other patterns of mine (some for sale and some free on my blog), but these things take time.  I have to edit and perfect them so that they will be user friendly and I have to test them out with other people so I know that they can be read, understood and crafted by others.

Finally...  a last tid bit of big news...  We are expecting!!!  Yes, Booger Bear #2??  lol  Due around January/February, our little GIRL will become our newest addition to the family.

Hope everyone had an awesome summer!  Keep an eye out for more updates and I will try to make my way back to the computer more often ;)

Happy sewing!

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