Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tutorial - Goodie Bags

Simple and easy these would be great for any holiday or birthday!

You will need a piece of fabric about 8.5" by 2.75"  (or whatever size you want lol).  I prefer knit for the stretch and b/c the unfinished edges on the casings don't fray.

Fold i the ends on to the wrong side of the fabric 1" on each end and sew a line 1/4" from the edge.  Sew another line 3/8" from first sewn line.  You've made your casing!

Fold the fabric right side to right side lining up the edges and sew up the 2 sides.

Turn right side out.  Pinch the casing towards the side seam and make a tiny cut in ONLY ONE LAYER OF FABRIC.  Do this 4 times... on for each side of the side seams (see pic)

Use a safety pin on the end of your ribbon and thread the ribbon through one of the openings made.

Flip the bag over and take that same safety pin with ribbon still attached through the holes on the other side.

You will now have something that looks like this with the beginning and end ribbon to one side of the bag.

Start a new ribbon with the safety pin on the end.  Start on the opposite side of the bag and thread it through the hole.

Do like you did with the previous ribbon and thread it all the way around until you have the beginning and end pieces for that ribbon to one side.

Tie the two ribbons on each side together.

Pull both knotted ribbons to shut the bag.


Now make lots to share!!!

Happy sewing :)

Want to win some goodie bags???

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