Sunday, December 5, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Crafting - Day 6

Day 6 - New Years Goodie Bags

Love these little goodie bags and I know the kiddos will too!

The original tutorial mentioned above is for Fourth of July, I just changed it around for New Years ;)

I used part of their template offered on the blog.
HERE it is if you want to use it as well.

Very easy:

1. Print and cut out the labels.

2.  Cut cardstock to 6.5" x 4" rectangles.

3.  Score a line down the middle of the 4" side and fold on that score line.

4.  Use double sided tape or glue stick and place the label on one side of the folded rectangle piece.

5.  Empty however many packages of pops you want into a snack sized ziploc baggie and close up the baggie.

6.  Open the folded rectangle from step 4 and place the opening end of the baggie all the way up to the fold.

7.  Fold the rectangle back down and staple through all layers sandwiching the baggie between both sides of the rectangle.  


Ok, I know this is not Christmas-y, but maybe you will be inspired to do something different too ;)

Like these.... got marshmallows?  LOL

Happy crafting!

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Brittany said...

Too cute and the snowman poop had me laughing. :D