Monday, November 1, 2010

Mini Tutorial (Burp Cloth) ...Trying something new :)

Disclaimer:  This is not my best tutorial.  I was on a time crunch because this little baby is due any day now and I needed to get this out with the rest of her birthday gift.

Burp Cloth

Atleast 2 layers of any fabric (I used a decorative woven and double sided bamboo terry).

Template HERE

1. Print and piece together template (link above).  Or use your own and skip this step ;)

2.  Cut out atleast 2 layers of fabric from the template.  You could add more layers for more absorbency.  I used a double sided terry for better absorbency yet still thin.

3.  Face fabrics right side to right side and sew around the outer edge leaving about a 3-4 inch opening for turning the burp cloth right side out.  (don't know where my brain...or camera...was.  sorry no pic)

4.  Turn right side out, press with a hot iron and topstitch all the way around (closing the opening in the process).


So, there you have it :)  I dare you to find a shorter tutorial lol

Ok, in all honesty, I did this tutorial to try out sharing PDF documents through the web.  I have lots of tutorials and patterns I would like to share and this would make it alot easier.  So, let me know how it works out for you...I'm open to suggestions :)


Hope you all had a great Halloween.  Booger Bear insisted on being Thomas the Train and, of course, I had to participate as well and whipped up a little Sir Topham Hatt costume (it was an altered Monopoly man costume).

Before: (stolen web image)

After: with my Thomas ;)

Happy sewing!

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