Wednesday, November 24, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Crafting - Day 4

Day 4 - Christmas Advent Calendar (part 3)

I did it!  I finished it!'s not the most perfect quilt, but it's my first quilt done like this.  Sure, the sides could all be equal and square...but what fun would that be?? ;) lol

1. Piece all your quilting squares together.  You need to press open the seams each time so you don't end up with bumps in your quilt.

2.  Now you need your batting.... I cheated and used fusible fleece haha.  I fused my fleece to the quilted pieces and laid that on top of the WRONG SIDE of the back fabric.  Pinned the 3 layers together and sewed in the ditch using the seams created when pieces the quilt squares together in step 1 above.

3.  I took two 4" x 4" squares of fabric and folded them on the diagonal and pressed.  These go in the top 2 corners of the BACK of the quilt for hanging.  Baste stitch them in place.

4.  Bias tape!  The one thing this whole tutorial that I can somewhat do lol

I took 3 strips from my jelly roll and pieced them together.

Yes, I know that jelly rolls are not cut on the bias, but this worked easier this way ;)

For making bias tape I fold the fabric onto itself width-wise, folding it in half and pressing (wrong sides together).

Then open that up and fold each of the sides in to that center crease and pres them down.

Refold along the center crease and give it one last press.  All done!

5.  Disclaimer: this is the way I was taught to do bias tape.  There very well could be an easier, more logical way of doing it...if so, please share!

I am doing my best on descriptions here but it would probably be best to just go off my pictures lol

Open up the bias tape completely.  Lay it right side to right side against the quilt lining up the edges on one side.

Start sewing about 1/2 inch from the edge of the bias.  Sew IN THE CREASE (not the center one, but the one closest to the edge you lined the fabrics up with)

When you get the corner, stop about 1/2 inch from the edge, backstitch and remove the quilt.  Lay it out and fold the bias as follows:

Fold it in a L shape to where the tail of the bias hangs over off the quilt..see pic!

Fold it BACK the other direction now using the edge of the quilt to match up the crease of the new fold.  

Pin and start sewing again going along the other edge of the quilt now.  You will start sewing on the edge and continue sewing until you get 1/2 inch from the next corner....pretty simple ;)

When you do the ends, fold over the beginning piece (where you started 1/2 inches from the edge)

Fold the bias tape to the back of the quilt.  I fold it down on the creases you made when making the bias tape.  

Pin from the front o the quilt right where the bias tape meets the quilt (in the ditch).  Pinning through to the bias tape on the back.  You will need the front looking like this:

and the back looking like this:

Pin ALOT!!!
When you get to the corner, do as follows:

Sew now from the top of the quilt stitching in the ditch.  Go slow and don't remove the pins until you are right about to sew that area.

6.  Now get your fabric paint and put the final touches on the numbers.  Go slow and make sure your tip to the paint is always clean.  

Sigh... I have to share my story though.  Oh how I wish I could blame the paint splatter on my ceiling, carpet and couch on my 3 year old...but no, it was me.  My paint got clogged. I tried and tried to get it unclogged.  I then .... looking back now I see this was an AWFUL idea...resorted to squeezing the bottle with alot of force.  I was holding it up right while doing this and heard a loud  POP.  Out popped the tip to the paint and out squirted the paint.  It splattered across the ceiling and dripped down onto the carpet and couch.  I spent the rest of the evening steam cleaning and scrubbing...the end.

But, I finished the quilt!!!  I used a piece of wood with ribbon tied to it to hang.  Just slip the piece of wood into the slots on the back of the quilt.  

Fill the numbered pockets on the quilt with candy/treats/toys and let your kiddo get their treat each day leading up to Christmas!!  

Happy sewing!!