Wednesday, September 1, 2010

GIVEAWAY! Winner picked :) And awards

Thank you all so much for partaking in this fun giveaway!!!  I love doing these :)  This was a wonderful month with lots of celebration and a very special happy 2 year anniversary to Booger Bear Creations.  And for those who were was our 5 year wedding anniversary ♥ ...yeah, and I'm not telling you how old I am   : P

And, of course, what you are really wanting this evening.....


Congratulations, Desiree!!
can't wait to plan out your custom Dexterous Dino with you!

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Keeping with the theme... I recently received a treat of my own!

Brittany, over at Mama B's ABC's, considered Booger Bear Creations worthy of an award.  Thank you!  :) 
She is the mama to 2 handsome boys (and a 3rd on the way!).  Head on over to her blog for a looksy!  She has some cute tutorials, funny stories, and great reads.


ok, here goes....

The awards are:

The Rules:

1. Thanking and linking to the lovely lady who gave me these awards;

2. Sharing 10 things about yourself;

3. Passing on all three awards to 10 bloggers who you think are something special;

4. And contacting the bloggers that you picked to let them know about the awards.

Ten Things About Me:

1.  I have been sewing as long as I can remember.  (starting some time in daycare, seriously)

2.  I am originally from Texas... and if you ask me, that is "home"

3.  My husband is active duty military

4.  I went to college for Architecture and then Interior Design, never officially finished either

5.  I have a short attention span

6.  I get really chatty once I know you

7.  My goal has always been to live without regret, everything offers a new experience and to have an open mind

8.  I'm really corny at times

9.  I tell cheesy jokes too lol

10.  I can't swim  (had to finish it with a totally random one)

And the Winner is Awards go to: 

6. Fabricworm (drool)

10. And because it's the cutest blog EVER... Mila's Daydreams

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