Monday, July 12, 2010


I love to surround my work area with creative and cute things.  It inspires me and...well, just makes me smile!  :)

Alot of my sewing things are handed down from grandmothers and grandmother's grandmother.... I was sad when all of a sudden my pins started breaking.  The ball on the end would just break right off and I was just left with a straight pin that I obviously could not use :(  I know that pins are cheap, but I prefer to be resourceful.

While going through my craft supplies, I found some alphabet beads I had used for another project and thought "PERFECT"....

So, here goes...


Take your pliers and squeeze on the ball of the pin.  If it is anything like my pins, it will break off very easily.  

Squirt some super glue in the hole of the bead (you can use pretty much any cute bead with a small hole... as long as it is a cute bead hehe)

Tada!  Super easy pin face-lift. 

(love the pin cushion?  I made it using this tut here)


sp0okY said...

Oh I LOVE THIS! I want to make one! How did you do the rest of the jar? :) Your new layout looks so cool, crisp and clean. I really like the white BG it makes your creations stand out so nicely.

Booger Bear Creations said... that is the link to the tut I used for the pin cushion! I love it! (I will add that to the blog as well)
Thank you! I loved the layout before but I am forever changing lol :)