Monday, June 28, 2010


There's no hiding that we love our dinosaurs around here lol!

Booger Bear has another dinosaur-lovin buddy and after a visit to his house, he has not stopped talking about this "dinosaur mask".  So, I had to do something about that ;)

It's not a mask, but it's the next best thing... He loves it!  Check out his dino skills

Minky (I used minky for both the hat and spikes)
poly fill
elastic (optional)
closures (velcro, snaps, etc) optional

I used a Kwik Sew sewing pattern I had on hand for making fleece pull over hoodies.  I just used the pattern piece labeled for the hoodie part.  You could possibly just wing it though or trace the hood part to one of your child's existing jackets or pull overs.  

So, step one... trace and cut out said pattern or template.  You will need 2 pieces with the pattern/template reversed.

For the spikes I free handed a "spike" and cut out quite a few from my other minky I had chosen.  I ended up with 6 spikes total, so I had to cut out 12 of my spike templates.  So you will need 2 pieces of fabric per spike ;)

Sew you 2 pieces (right side to right side) on the sides of the spike leaving the bottom open.  (stitches marked with red lines)

Do this for all of your spikes then turn right side out and stuff with polyfill.

Baste stitch the open end. (yes, it's time to remove the chipped nail polish)

Ok, now take a second to pause and make sure you are doing this right.  If you are working with minky like me, your shirt and clothing should look like this.

This next part is the trickiest... you have to pin and sew down those stuffed spikes.... the trick is to work very slow, especially if you are working with minky!  (and use lots of pins)

Place your two hood pieces right side to right side.  Then place the "spike", sandwiched in between and pointing downward in between the 2 hood pieces.  You will want your first and last spikes to be atleast 1.5" from the edge to give you room to finish the edges later.  Pin the spike in place (you will be pinning above your baste stitch, but if you are working with minky on the spike, it doesn't matter b/c you probably won't see the stitches through the fur lol). 

Sorry!  I forgot to take a picture here.  I was busy concentrating.

Once you have all the spikes pinned in place, sew...very carefully, cautiously and slow.  Occasionally, stop sewing and check on the minky fabric on the bottom and make sure it hasn't wiggled around.   (Mine did and it was a booger to fix!)

Now you have this (right side out).

On the front (flat side pictured above) of the hood, turn the fabric inward and fold down a 5/8" casement.  

Measure your kiddo's head by trying on the hood.  Doing this, I decided that it needed elastic to fit his head better. Adding elastic is optional so if you don't want to, skip ahead to finishing the bottom hem.

After threading the elastic through I bunched it up and tried it on Booger Bear again to see how I wanted to do the elastic.  I decided that I didn't want it going the whole way around b/c I wanted flaps to fan out and rest on his collar bone.  My preference ;)  So I stretched the elastic and measured where it came right under his chin.

Fold inward and finish the bottom hem like you did the front hem.  I also added snaps (I hate sewing velcro) for closure.  I added one set of snaps for Booger Bear and another for mama bear ;)

Now for the true test...

Ya, he liked it ;)

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