Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pocket Diaper Tutorial

We cloth diapered Booger Bear and I eventually found it was easier (and cheaper) for me to just make the diapers myself.  This is a tutorial I made when I first started out.  This is a fleece pocket diaper.  Fleece has polyester and if you buy a thick, good quality fleece it will be water proof.  Meaning, you will not need a cover with this diaper.  (you could also do a double layer of fleece as the outer layer.  Play around with it and figure out what works for you ;)

We love the way the fleece is so breathable, it wicks away moisture, can be an outer fabric too, and easy cleaning as the poop just falls right off it.....AND you can use a snappi or pins with it!!  So this is fleece inner and outer and a microfiber auto towel insert. 

-microfiber towel

1. Fold your fleece in half and pin the pattern down with the straight side of your pattern on the fold.  Notice the flap extra added to the back of the diaper for the pocket.  Cut through both layers and transfer your elastic markings to inner fleece.  My pattern includes 1/4 seam allowance.  Do this for inner and outer 
Here I have navy outer and grey inner

2.  Tack down one end of your elastic to one of the markings for the leg.  Make sure it's the seam allowance (1/4 inch) from the edge.

3.  Stretch elastic to the length you want and tack down on other point and repeat for other side.

This is what it will look like:

4.  Back/Pocket elastic method ONE:  Fold the flap on the back of the diaper down over a piece of elastic end and tack down the elastic sewing through 3 layers (fleece, elastic, fleece).  Trim excess elastic.

5.  Repeat for other side.

6.  Stretch and sew down the open end of the flap.

7.  Back/Pocket elastic method TWO:  Sew the pocket elastic for the front piece too.  Here is another method I sometimes prefer.  Fold over the extra flap and sew down the long side.

8. Thread the elastic through the loop and tack down on the end.  Stretch and tack down on other end.  Trim elastic.

9.  Face inner and outer right sides together.  Pin and sew, using your seam allowance.  Start sewing at the pocket and end at the other side of the pocket.  When you reach the leg elastic you will sew between the elastic and the outer edge. You will use the pocket opening to turn right side out.

Sew between elastic and outer edge.

Turn right side out.

10. Top-stitch.  Again, starting at one end of the pocket.

When you get to the leg elastic sew inward to sew a casing for the elastic.

11. Stretch and sew on the inside of the elastic (casing the elastic in) careful not to sew on the elastic.  I hold the fabric and elastic extended with one hand (using my fingers to hold the elastic to the side) and my other hand on the backside to even out the pull on the fabric (so it doesn't slig-shot towards me lol).  This is the hardest part to making this diaper.

12.  Take your 12x12 microfiber towel and tri-fold and stuff.

TADA!!!  You're done!  You can add velcro or snaps if you please or just use a snappi or pins :) *For velcro you need to add the loop part to the outer layer right side across the tummy piece BEFORE sewing the pieces together.  Then sew the hook velcro on the wings at the end through both layers for stability.  If you sew the hook velcro through both layers at the tummy it will interfere with the insert (learned that one the hard way lol)


michelle said...

thanks for the tutorial! i'm going to attempt to make a fleece pocket, I have anti pil and glacier prints from hancock...will they be good enough for the outer fabric? i also have some polar fleece from walmart. what types do you use for each layer? I have some buttersuede/microfleece type stuff for the inner as well. thanks!

Booger Bear Creations said...

wow, I am late responding here, sorry. Yes, the thicker fleeces will do great for the outer material and the microfleece is a GREAT inner material. happy sewing! :)