Saturday, June 12, 2010


My son has really turned into a very active preschooler!  With the age, comes exploration, experimenting and ...injuries :(  He seems to have more and more it seems.  From jumping off the couch to spinning around until you are so dizzy that the corner of the wall looks like a nice place to land. *sigh*  Sometimes these injuries are too much for mommy's magic kiss.  So, Booger Bear will be getting his very own boo boo bag.  Very simple and easy to make.  Sorry for the blurry pictures.  I am afraid my camera is beginning to not like me anymore.

Supplies: PUL, outer decorative fabric (optional), basting spray (optional) and snaps/velcro (optional)

*if you do not have a serger, please read step #6 first*

1. I cut out 2 rectangle pieces of fabric.  One is PUL and the other is a cute print that inspired me to this project.  You don't have to have an outer fabric at all and can make this bag solely with just the PUL.

2. I cheat and use my basting spray to adhere the wrong side of my outer fabric to the dull side of the PUL.  This makes it easier to work with.  You could bast stitch or just use pins ;)

3. Fold over and sew down the both of the shorter edges of the rectangle fabric.  This will give a nice finished edge for your opening to the bag.

4. Fold one side about an inch past the middle of the rectangle (estimate, doesn't need to be exact).

5. Then fold the other end down overlapping the bottom piece by about an inch.

6. Pin and sew up the openings on the sides.  I use my Serger b/c I hate sewing the shiny side of PUL against my machine (it sticks!).  If you do not have a serger, you could make the bag with the dull side facing the inside of the bag.  You would just need to (in step 2) place the wrong side of your outer fabric to the SHINY side of the PUL.

7. Turn the bag right side out and there you go!  You have a little boo boo bag for your kiddo.

8. Optional: I wanted my bag to stay closed better so I added snaps to the opening.  You could also add velcro (although it may be easier to do that @ step #3)

The PUL does help keep the ice from making a big mess, but once the ice really starts melting...there's really no stopping it lol.  You could use a ziploc baggie for your ice while inside your boo boo bag to prevent more messes ;)

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