Saturday, February 13, 2010

Resurrecting My Blog!!!

I am going to give this another try. I really didn't know what to do with a blog before, but I've had so many things I've wanted to share lately and am feeling the need to revisit this blogging thing ;) I'll start with one of my (and my son's) favorite must-haves... reusable sandwich/snack bags!

woven cotton
I like to make my baggies 7x7 b/c you can easily buy zippers that are 7", so I make my fabric squares about 7.5x7.5 for seam allowance ;) You need 2 of each fabric. I also like a little handle on my baggies, so I take a strip of fabric about 2.5in wide and make a bias tape strip out of it and sew up the open end with just a straight topstitch.
1. Lay out a square of your woven fabric right side up and lay the zipper (face down) on of the top of the square. Then lay a PUL square (shiny side against the zipper) on top of that so your zipper is sandwiched. Line up your squares of fabric with the zipper going along the top and pin the zipper in place.
2. Open up the zipper an inch or two to make starting your seam easier. *I could not find my zipper foot for this so I am using just a regular sewing foot...not much harder* I place my foot right up next to the zipper and sew a little bit. You can now zip up the zipper so it is out of your way and continue sewing the seam.
It will look like this
3. I like to put the 2 piece of fabric together to one side and topstitch. This is optional and a matter of preference.
4.. Lay another piece of woven fabric face up and place the other side of the zipper face down on it. Sandwich the zipper with another piece of PUL (shiny side down). Pin and sew. When you get to the bulk of the zipper, you may want to unzip it again to sew that area so you aren't trying to sew around the bulk.
5. Fold the fabric over and topstitch that side, if you want.
it will look like this:
6. IMPORTANT...unzip the zipper
7. Fold over the fabrics to where the wovens are sandwiched together and the PULs are sandwiched together:
8. Pin and sew together the 3 sides but leave an opening at the bottom so you can turn the bag right side out when your done. **optional: if you are wanting a handle, loop it and pin it in place in this step (sandwiched between the layers)
9. Pin the PUL pices together and sew all 3 sides.
10. Turn right side out. Pin and whip stitch the opening in the woven materials. (Or you could just topstitch the whole bottom side)
That's it! Push the PUL layer back into the baggie and you have a snack baggie!!
This is also great for making wetbags, make up bags, coin pouches, etc!
Hope you enjoy!!

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