Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Been busy

I've been meaning to update.  We had such beautiful weather there for a couple days that we spent ourselves spending alot of time outside!!!  So nice!  But now we are back to having more snow, boo!  I guess there is a plus and a minus to the cold weather though.  I hate the cold and all but I took for granted the lack of allergies. Both my son and I have had sneezes and sniffles.  He was crying last night b/c his nose was so raw it hurt.  My poor baby!  I decided to make him his pathetic sick baby tissues.  He loves mickey Mouse, so I just had to make it extra special.  I even made him some soft organic bamboo velour tissues.

I also think I happened across something very neat!  Getting flowers from my husband is few and far between.  So I like to clip the flowers and keep them as a little keepsake.  I end up having lots of flowers and forgetting when each one was from... which sorta takes away from the special keepsake memory.  I remembered reading before on a blog of a mother talking about ways to entertain a kiddo in a shopping center.  Give them a banana and a pencil and let them draw on the banana.  By the time you are done shopping the marks on the banana will be a dark brown with the bruising and very visible for your kiddo.  Well, why wouldn't this work with a flower stem???

above picture is the initial writing I did and the below picture was taken just a few hours later.  It bruised and indented in a I used a soder on the stem lol (I used just a pencil to write on it)
Very cool IMO, I hope it stays like that even after the flower has fully dried out and the stem browns.  I will have to update my pictures once it does ;)

I finished my son's art area mat and smock.  I'll have to get pictures soon!

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Jessica said...

Oh my, I love that tissue box. so cute! And the rose is very cool. I hope it stays also!